Ardawahisht is the Amesha Spenta of truth and righteousness in Zoroastrianism. What is told here, is the truth within you, me, all of us; which no one can see, or hear, but deep inside, one can feel that it’s breathing, watching every minute we walk this earth in darkness.

The collective was founded in 3756 ZRE, as a home to the musical endeavours of the Iranian musician Harpag Karnik, and all the related projects. Its main goal is to show the unexplored paths of transcendence and find the root of all emotions.

In advance, what the collective tries to achieve, is to gather the less-known Iranian projects rooted within black metal, ambient, and experimental territories.

As of 2023, the core members of the collective are Harpag Karnik himself, Earthen Shade, Ardwisur, Taurvi and Nihil Satan.