Urnscent is an earthen entity created by three desolated minds to express their thoughts on the presence of mankind and its insignificance on this earth.

Urnscent is a three-piece funeral doom band From Iran established in 3756 ZRE (2018 CE) consisting of Black One, Harpag Karnik and Earthen Shade.

The band’s ideology is derived from members’ common opinions on mankind and the universe, empowered by rich Iranian poetry; and music is a mixture of funeral doom and ambient with elements of traditional Iranian music.

As a single entity, Urnscent tries to show the greatness of the world around us and the insignificance of humankind within it.


2022 – The Eldritch Mist (EP)

Dedicated to the lost souls of our motherland, who perished in the flames of dogmatic rage that fell upon this once glorious land by the tyrants of ages!

2020 – Of Simurgh and Ascent (full-length)

2018 – Epoch (EP)

2018 – The Earthen Knot (EP)