Etheraldine (/ˈɛθərəldiːn/) is an invented adjective meaning “of ethereal heralds”.
It is a symbol of whispers yet unheard, and a description of the music created by this very entity.

Etheraldine is an instrumental experiment by Harpag Karnik, to be a picture of another world, which exists in our dreams. The entity began to breathe in 3756 ZRE (2018 CE) and tries to explain the moment one feels a vibe in an earthly tone which may sound ethereal and take the listener to a world beyond our understanding.

The project is a means to trigger the higher emotions within us, to understand the world around us better, and to find leads that may help us unearth the answers to the basic questions of the natural realm and the whole existence.


2021 – Etheraldine (EP)

2019 – A Picturesque Scenery (full-length)

2018 – An Eyrie for Serenity (EP)

2018 – Euphony of Heralds (full-length)

2018 – Shapes of Emerald (EP)