Erancnoir is the fallen entity of autumn and the frozen entity of winter. His whispers shall not be heard and his emotions shall not be felt; unless ears and souls are welcome to the coldness of snow, and the falling of leaves.

Erancnoir is the main project of Harpag Karnik, the mastermind behind Ardawahisht. It was born in 3756 ZRE (2018 CE), from within the rare landscapes of Iranian seasons.

As a solo project, Erancnoir deals with metaphors of the humane world in the heart of autumnal and hibernal landscapes, and the lyrics are mainly works of Haiku by either Karnik himself, or world-famous poets such as Imma von Bodmershof.


2020 – Berglicht (full-length)

2018 – Erancnoir (full-length)

2018 – Frostfallen (full-length)

2018 – Wintermonarchie (full-length)