“And then opened her eyes, she who was of lunar light
And in those shining rubies, I was drowned all night.”

Forelunar is a creature born out of necessity to illustrate love and romance, lust and limerence.

Forelunar was created by Harpag Karnik in 3756 ZRE (2018 CE) as a project to illustrate love and lust in poetic pieces followed by a dark sound which would light the darkness inside every human.

The lyrics used in the project are all works of poetry by Karnik himself, inspired by real-life experiences.


2022 – Beloved and a Thousand Seraphim (full-length)

Woman – Life – Freedom
Dedicated to the brave women of Iran and the lionhearted youth during the 2022 Iranian protests

2021 – Forlorn in Despair (full-length)

2019 – Sonorous Colours of Dolour (full-length)

2018 – Wine and the Limerent (EP)