One is near
One is far

One above all
All above one

Enscelados is an international output that started between Ardwisur and Nanghait in 3756 ZRE (2018 CE), that after releasing two monstrous EPs, went into a long-time hiatus and only returned in late 2022 with a renewed line-up of Ardwisur and Earthen Shade (under Astwihad pseudonym).

The duo explores the unknown regions of the cosmos as its main source of inspiration and along its journey, becomes the mirror for the eldritch and hostile creatures of outer space, while diving deep into the ancient myths of the skies and mankind itself.

Harpag Karnik works closely with the project in terms of production and publication.


2023 – Tragedy of Cepheis (full-length)

2018 – The Unbeknownst Tyrant (EP)

2018 – The Devouring God (EP)