Ritualistic music for the demon of death.

Exploring the unseen realms of Avesta.

Astwihad is Earthen Shade’s black metal solo project, which deals with dark themes that are found in Avesta and Zoroastrianism. It was conceived in 3761 ZRE (2023 CE) when its sole member decided to explore his own ideas after the release of Enscelados‘ debut album, “Tragedy of Cepheis” and while remaining in the same soundscapes, the project will delve deeper into the Persian traditional music and ritualistic hymns.

Astwihad or Asto-Vidatu (Avestan: 𐬀𐬯𐬙𐬋.𐬬𐬌𐬜𐬁𐬙𐬎‎) is the daeva of death in Avesta.


2023 – Gatha 1: Asto-Vidatu (EP)