All works released by Ardawahisht Kollective can be found on the collective’s official YouTube channel.


*Releases by Ardawahisht Kollective projects are also uploaded by the YT channel of the Facebook community “Order ov the Black Arts”:

Order ov the Black Arts

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Physical releases:

Erancnoir – Frostfallen (Tape, CVP)

Erancnoir – Erancnoir (Tape, CVP)

Erancnoir – Erancnoir (CD, Morrowless Music)

Urnscent – Scent of Urns (Tape, CVP)

Varkâna – Rite (Tape, Fólkvangr Records)

Varkâna – Ahrimanic Chambers (Tape, Gondolin Records)

Varkâna – Cosmic Terror (Tape, Realm and Ritual)


Zero Tolerance Magazine #100 (Iranian Black Metal – Ardawahisht Kollective)

Erancnoir interview – OccultBlackMetalZine

Varkâna interview – Echoes and Dust