Menakeret – Menakeret

Menakeret is the embodiment of infatuation, the manifestation of a sweet dream long forgotten. It is the dim light of the fallen entity’s path to redemption, the sudden gleam of hope in this austere landscape of his neverending winter.

Menakeret is the silhouette of she who would be the beloved of this epoch, who sits in her solitude, singing lullabies to her sorrows of ages past.

Menakeret was meant to be the second chapter of Erancnoir‘s self-titled album, released in 2018; yet, the emotions at work and the sanguine heart always betray the visions of the creator, this time, the frozen entity of winter.

It will be a one-off project and its eponymous journey is a celebration of youth, romance, tragedy and the cruelty of this world we live in.

Take it for what it is, which is from the heart.

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