Ardwisur – Ardwisur

The eponymous debut album of Ardwisur, the one-woman epic/ambient black metal project from the depths of the oceans, and one-half of the cosmic black metal duo Enscelados, is now available on Bandcamp.

Ardwisur Anahita is the ethereal whispers of the water, the journeying waves of the seas, and the song that the oceans sing. Ardwisur Anahita is the chalice of serenity in the furthest nightmares of the cosmos.

This book of two Psalms is dedicated to her, the woman of purest thoughts.
All hail the mother of astral waters, the queen of healing lakes!

Aneraxt – Face of Annihilation

Behold “Face of Annihilation”, the newest EP of Aneraxt, the solo project of our long-time collaborator Nihil Satan, which was shortly active as Xvarmart back in 2018 and then went into an indefinite hiatus.

Yet, with the happening of the unfortunate horrors inside Iran in 2022, Nihil Satan reignited his fierce and hateful musical scenery into what became Aneraxt.

“Face of Annihilation” is the picture of Iran in reality. It is filled with hatred, oppression, violence, torture and death.

No filters, no exaggeration, this is Aneraxt, the ultimate Persian war metal machine!

Aneraxt means “Redeemed” in Pahlavi language.

Menakeret – Menakeret

Menakeret is the embodiment of infatuation, the manifestation of a sweet dream long forgotten. It is the dim light of the fallen entity’s path to redemption, the sudden gleam of hope in this austere landscape of his neverending winter.

Menakeret is the silhouette of she who would be the beloved of this epoch, who sits in her solitude, singing lullabies to her sorrows of ages past.

Menakeret was meant to be the second chapter of Erancnoir‘s self-titled album, released in 2018; yet, the emotions at work and the sanguine heart always betray the visions of the creator, this time, the frozen entity of winter.

It will be a one-off project and its eponymous journey is a celebration of youth, romance, tragedy and the cruelty of this world we live in.

Take it for what it is, which is from the heart.

Enscelados – Tragedy of Cepheis

Amongst the stars, faint echoes of torment are heard…

Amongst the stars, a tragedy was written…

A tragedy of aeons long gone…

“Tragedy of Cepheis” is Enscelados’ debut album, which remained in dormancy for nearly five years.

It is a relief for us to finally share it with the world and those lost wanderers who might find us in this digital universe.

Listen carefully, for the lady of the furthest nebulae has the most tragic tale of the cosmos to tell.

Forelunar – Beloved and a Thousand Seraphim

“Beloved and a Thousand Seraphim” is dedicated to all brave women of Iran who have paid and are still paying the hefty price of liberty with their lives. It’s a romantic remembrance of Mahsa, Nika, Sarina, Mehrshad and all those beautiful souls who perished in the inhumane savagery of the fanatic scourge in my motherland.

The album will be available for free. Any purchases are much appreciated as always. But the goal of this work is to pay my respects to those brave ladies of Iran and all the lionhearted youth who have been fighting to defeat the invading blind zealots, and also share their epic tales of glory, in life and death, with anyone who might hear my chants.

Lastly, I have to thank Mahshid for her wonderful illustration of our common beloved, Mother Persia, and all her children who have been martyred to become roses of hope on the grey fields of despair.

For Woman.
For Life.
For Freedom.
For Persia.

برای ماهرخان، نیک‌سرشتان، مهرشادان و همه آن برنایانی که در راه آزادی، با دلدادگی در خون خویشتن پا کوفتند و میکوبند

زن – زندگی – آزادی

Urnscent – The Eldritch Mist (EP)

Upon the ruins of centuries gone, breatheth the eldritch mist
In heart o’ which, slumbereth many a soul forever whist
How triumphant, the sinister howls o’ the trumpets o’ sheerest despair!
How wondrous its shards of frozen zephyr, the greatest of mysteries!

This EP was trapped in a state of creation for years. So much has happened since the first ideas for this singular beast of ours sparkled. Humanity has gone through the most bizarre times of the past few decades and this EP was shaped by the remains of those times.
Due to various reasons, primarily personal, this work wasn’t meant to be released. However, when we went through a retrospective of what we had done and what we still yearned to achieve, it was decided that the EP would be released as a final statement to Urnscent’s era of the trinity, for this song would be the last to feature Black One as a member of Urnscent, as he has decided to pursue other areas of his interests. We can only wish him the best and sit and wait for the next endeavour that the world puts on our path.

“The Eldritch Mist” is a celebration of the perpetual element of all creation, Death, in five chapters and for that, we decided to use one of the well-known pieces of poetry by the late writer, Edgar Allan Poe (1809 – 1849), titled “Spirits of the Dead”.

Death is the key to the greatest of revelations!

Désespéré – A Zeal for Quietus (Full album)

“Looking through the mirrors of the inner self, I found a crawling void, slowly devouring my organs and leaving behind only emptiness. Then I knew, that all that existed, was merely a lie. Life was just the embodiment of pain and misery.

And only then, I looked for a way out, a zeal for quietus…”

This is the first album of Désespéré, the diary of a shattered mind, a wounded soul, lost in the darkness…

Neonscepter – Retrospectre

A prequel to the tangled tale of Neonscepter, a deserted neon-human from a far future, where great minds, those which can illustrate ineffable landscapes, are captured by the authoritative forces and then turned into metaphysical weapons of war and conquest.

This is an autobiography of a lonely neon-human, from the time he was merely a dreaming human being to the era of tyranny and terror. A nostalgic trip to the utmost depths of one’s soul, who yearns the warm days and colourful nights.

Neonscepter is the Retrospectre.

PS. The music on Retrospectre is an experimental blending of synthwave and black metal, in order to create a unique atmosphere of the conflict between light and darkness.