Urnscent – The Eldritch Mist (EP)

Upon the ruins of centuries gone, breatheth the eldritch mist
In heart o’ which, slumbereth many a soul forever whist
How triumphant, the sinister howls o’ the trumpets o’ sheerest despair!
How wondrous its shards of frozen zephyr, the greatest of mysteries!

This EP was trapped in a state of creation for years. So much has happened since the first ideas for this singular beast of ours sparkled. Humanity has gone through the most bizarre times of the past few decades and this EP was shaped by the remains of those times.
Due to various reasons, primarily personal, this work wasn’t meant to be released. However, when we went through a retrospective of what we had done and what we still yearned to achieve, it was decided that the EP would be released as a final statement to Urnscent’s era of the trinity, for this song would be the last to feature Black One as a member of Urnscent, as he has decided to pursue other areas of his interests. We can only wish him the best and sit and wait for the next endeavour that the world puts on our path.

“The Eldritch Mist” is a celebration of the perpetual element of all creation, Death, in five chapters and for that, we decided to use one of the well-known pieces of poetry by the late writer, Edgar Allan Poe (1809 – 1849), titled “Spirits of the Dead”.

Death is the key to the greatest of revelations!

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