Forelunar – Beloved and a Thousand Seraphim

“Beloved and a Thousand Seraphim” is dedicated to all brave women of Iran who have paid and are still paying the hefty price of liberty with their lives. It’s a romantic remembrance of Mahsa, Nika, Sarina, Mehrshad and all those beautiful souls who perished in the inhumane savagery of the fanatic scourge in my motherland.

The album will be available for free. Any purchases are much appreciated as always. But the goal of this work is to pay my respects to those brave ladies of Iran and all the lionhearted youth who have been fighting to defeat the invading blind zealots, and also share their epic tales of glory, in life and death, with anyone who might hear my chants.

Lastly, I have to thank Mahshid for her wonderful illustration of our common beloved, Mother Persia, and all her children who have been martyred to become roses of hope on the grey fields of despair.

For Woman.
For Life.
For Freedom.
For Persia.

برای ماهرخان، نیک‌سرشتان، مهرشادان و همه آن برنایانی که در راه آزادی، با دلدادگی در خون خویشتن پا کوفتند و میکوبند

زن – زندگی – آزادی

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