Neonscepter – Retrosphere

As Neonscepter drifted through the dream waves and experienced memories and humane emotions, an old threat showed up: The Nightspeed, his neon-dark counterpart, who was the most fearsome dream-killer and a servant of tyranny in the future world, traced him in between the everflowing realities and travelled in time and space to put an end to the multiversal wanderer’s aspiring journey.

Here, on this bridge, during a rainy night, with sirens and city whispers coming from afar, they have encountered each other for one last time. One must eliminate the other, if this neverending cycle of chase and run is to end.

But will it ever?…

Varkâna – Cosmic Terror

Then in the slow creeping course of eternity the utmost cycle of the cosmos churned itself into another futile completion, and all things became again as they were unreckoned kalpas before.
Matter and light were born anew as space once had known them; and comets, suns, and worlds sprang flaming into life, though nothing survived to tell that they had been and gone, been and gone, always and always, back to no first beginning.

Forestionist – Tomorrow could be our last day on earth

A day will come when our ashes feed the trees and our filth of civilization remains only to paint the ruins of yesterday. We will be memories of a dark past, buried beneath the roots of emerald guardians.

This is a hymn to that bright future; when the world is finally free of our rotten existence. Tomorrow could be our last day on earth, so let’s sink into the dreams of a greener world without us, while we still have the chance.

Erancnoir – Berglicht

Mountain light is the burning soul of a lone wanderer, who walked the endless winter path, carrying only a bracelet of amber as his only light source, leading him through the night and the darkness within, to find the mysterious fortress of ice, a place where the primordial secrets of life and existence lie hidden.

Mountain light is the burning soul of a lost wanderer, who passed through the gate of the ice fortress, discovered those forgotten secrets, dissolved in the perpetual flames of truth, and ascended to the firmament.

Etheraldine – A Picturesque Scenery

Once again, heralds are heard from afar, singing tunes of ancient times, when she walked this forest of ethereal sounds. They are bearing a message for us ephemeral beings. And those who can hear these enchanted tunes, will not miss the great landscape of what would be called as the end of an epoch.

The green forest is slowly going to fall asleep, as the leaves float in the air and dance to the eternal music of the autumnal zephyr. Mother is lullabying her precious daughters until they are all lost in their dreams. Petrichor is felt from the soil where the emerald children turn rufous.
This is a picturesque scenery of the neverending cycle of life.


Once again, the fallen entity of autumn is felt within these tears that have fallen from the grey sky. As he walks the earth, colours change and the eternal guardians drown in their emerald dreams. Beneath his feet, rustle the dead leaves and the wind caresses his pale skin.

And you, who is of ephemeral beings; close your eyes and listen to the journey that he has gone through. An epic landscape of the mightiest season awaits you. Breathe, and drown into this tale of sorrow and beauty, for it is the greatest journey of this fallen entity.

The Birth

Aša Vahišta rose from the ashes of druj, and in a world so dark that no soul would find the path, began to light the way beyond us, who are merely petty creatures of the greater one, and the puppets of Angra Mainyu.

This is the journey of those entities who bear the essence of Aša Vahišta.

Behold, the Ardawahisht Kollective.